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Gradient Process from Metal injection Molding Industry (Supplement)

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To sum up, the methods to do gradient on metal injection molding parts includes: 

physical vapor deposition (PVD), painting, thermal transfer ribbons, silk screen printing, color printing. The following is discussing how thermal transfer ribbons, silk screen printing, color printing do gradients.

Thermal transfer ribbons

The thermodynamic principle of thermal transfer ribbons is that the heat is transferred to the product surface by a semiconductor heating head or a laser driven by computer signal.

OPPO R15 applied the core of "laminated streamer process" includes ribbon transfer to achieve the dreamlike red-blue transition on glass fuselage.

At the same time, the metal frame adopts anodic oxidation process, which achieves the subtle nebula gradual effect comparable to the glass material, and brings the real integrated visual experience.

raw materials: PET film substrate, imaging materials, heat transfer glue, etc

equipment: ?thermal transfer ribbons machine, constant temperature oven

process: prepare- thermal transfer-vacuum-baking-take out-remove PET heat transfer film

Silk screen printing

Taking use of screen printing plate’s fundamentals of graphic part transparent ink, non - graphic part of the screen not transparent ink, gradient effect can be achieved by making the holes of the screen into different patterns for printing.

Raw material: ink

Equipment: screen printing machine

Process: Stretch mesh---starch---proofing—developing—drying—cutting—grinding edge—cleaning and drying—printing—sintering

Color printing

The process of printing text, pictures, photographs and other original manuscripts by plate-making, ink application, pressure and other processes, so that the ink can be transferred to the surface of paper, textiles, leather and other materials. Printing different colors on the same page and copy the contents of manuscript in bulk, we call it color printing.

The gradient effect can be achieved by controlling the color sequence of printing and repeating color printing in batches.

Raw material: ink

Equipment: flatbed printing machine


Pre processing, printing, post processing

Karim Rashid, a famous American master of color, said, "pure color does not exist in nature. Everything we see in nature is composed of different colors. Gradients are natural, and the real world shouldn't be monotonous.

Gradient is a process by which a designer restores a 'solid color'. In this process, you will feel emotional waves. Because of this intriguing, so the product is very attractive.

If you have more interest or any question, please feel freely to contact us, we can offer full metal injection molding solution with gradients to you.

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