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Gradient Process Secret of Huawei, OPPO, Vivo Mobile Phone

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Since smartphone emerge, their function development seems to reach perfection, more revolution began shift to the appearance. Among them, color is the first requirement for beauty. From vivo X20 vision pink, OPPO R15 nebula, to huawei P20 twilight, and then to OPPO Find X, gradient process bring us a surprise once again.

At present, the bonus of gradient mobile phone has gradually become prominent. While praising the beauty brought by gradient, people are also very curious about how this process is realized.

Physical vapor deposition (PVD) Principle:

Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) technology represents the process of vaporizing a solid or liquid surface into a gaseous atom, molecule, or partial ionization into ions, then depositing a film with a special function on the substrate surface by a low-pressure gas (or plasma) process under a vacuum condition using a Physical method. By controlling different target material, deposition film thickness and other parameters, the film will show different colors under the action of light reflection, refraction and interference. The main methods of physical vapor deposition are vacuum evaporation, sputtering deposition, plasma film plating, ion plating, and molecular beam epitaxy.


The aurora process of Huawei P20 series is realized by sputtering coating, but the process and target material have been innovatively improved. In plating furnace,  a mask will be added between the target and workpiece. The film’s thickness deposited less in corresponding position of the larger mask area, while the thickness of film deposited was more in the smaller mask area. Through controlling the thickness of coating, forming nanometer thickness difference, and then spraying background color, the aurora color is full of mystery.

Metal target materials include:

Nickel target, chromium, zinc, magnesium, titanium target, tin, niobium target indium, iron, aluminum, zirconium aluminum target , zirconium target, germanium, copper target, tantalum target, cobalt, gold, silver, gadolinium targets, yttrium, lanthanum, cerium, hafnium targets, iron, vanadium, molybdenum target and tungsten target, cobalt, nickel iron, stainless steel target, nickel chromium target, copper indium gallium target, etc


Ceramic target materials include:

ITO target, ferric oxide, magnesium oxide, AZO target, zinc sulfide, zinc oxide, chromium oxide, sulfide, cadmium sulfide mammography, silica target, silicon oxide, cerium oxide, niobium pentoxide target,  titanium dioxide, zirconium dioxide hafnium target, titanium diboride target, diboride zirconium target, tungsten trioxide target, niobium pentoxide target, yttrium fluoride, magnesium fluoride, magnesium fluoride target, Zinc selenide target, aluminum nitride target, silicon nitride target, boron nitride target, titanium nitride target, silicon carbide target, lithium niobate target, praseodymium titanate target, barium titanate target, lanthanum titanate target, nickel oxide target, etc


Other target materials 

Carbon target, silicon target, etc


Vacuum evaporation machine, sputter coating machine, arc plasma plating machine, ion coating machine and molecular beam epitaxial coating machine.

Process flow:

Pre-plating treatment---loading on furnace—vacuuming---- target and ion cleaning--- coating –cooling--- post-treatment

Processing manufacturer:

We can offer you product with physical vapor deposition or gradient process, we can apply a wide range of external finishes. Except for that, we can offer you metal injection molding technology as well. Metal injection molding offers a level of design freedom unmatched by traditional metal shaping, and with more than 40% cost advantage than CNC.

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