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Gradient Process from Metal injection Molding Industry

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Last time, we have discussed how metal injection molding parts make gradients by physical vapor deposition (PVD). Besides, anodizing and painting can realize gradients as well.

Anodizing Principle

There are a large number of hexagonal crystal cells per-pendicularing to the metal surface in the anodic oxidation film. Each crystal cell has a membrane hole in the center, and has a strong adsorption force, which can be stained by immersing in the dye solution, or by depositing fine metal or oxide particles at the bottom of hole through electrolysis, and obtains different colors through the scattering effect of light.

Different color effects can be achieved by controlling dyeing temperature, time, PH value and dye concentration

Vivo X20 use such anodic oxidation to achieve monochrome gradient. It is reported that the gradual change dyeing requires the craftsman master to hold the product in the dye vat and continuously do the lifting action, and the lifting amplitude can't be even without any pause within half an hour to achieve the gradual change effect.

raw material: special dye stuff for anodic oxidation

equipment: anodic oxidation equipment

process :

Blank part-loading up-degreasing- alkali corrosion- neutralization- anodic oxidation- coloring sealing -drying

Painting Principle 

By means of a spray gun or a dish atomizer, the paint are dispersed into uniform and fine droplets by pressure or centrifugal force, and applied to product surface.

By controlling the distance and amount of paint, the gradient effect can be realized.

raw material: color paste

equipment: spraying machine

process :

Pre-treatment--- electrostatic spraying-- high temperature curing

Processing manufacturer:

ZCMIM can make gradients for your metal injection molding parts. Besides that, other secondary process like polish, sandblasting or brush, we can do as well.

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