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Heat treatment method for MIM iron - based powder gear

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Iron-based powder injection molding products need further processing to ensure its quality meet requirements. In order to ensure hardness, strength and wear resistance of gear, it is necessary to do corresponding heat treatment. Whether heat treatment method chosen is reasonable or not will affect the final quality of gear.

Induction heat treatment has advantages of small deformation, high efficiency, low cost, not easy oxidation and decarburization, easy control of quenching layer, high surface hardness and good internal flexibility. This process will be affected by many factors, so following aspects should be paid attention to:

1. Frequency selection: when induction heat treat iron-base gear, many domestic manufacturers believe that small and medium modulus gear should be ideally calculated according to formula (2) when simultaneously heating quenching or continuous heating quenching of full teeth.

formula(1)            ?=k/m2x100

formula(2)            ?=600/m2

In formula, ? is optimal gear quenching frequency (kHz); K is coefficient. Generally, 0.6-2.0 for iron-based gear; M is modulus (mm) of gear.

2. Choice of specific power: specific power is a very important component in induction heat treatment process, also an important parameter in induction heating quenching. It has very big effect of quenching quality and hardening layer depth. Once there are errors in the selection process, it will bring serious consequences.

3. Selection of inductor: if rationality of inductor design cannot be ensured in actual production of gear products, depth of quenching layer and hardness distribution of products will be affected to some extent. Generally, rectangular red copper tube with cross section is most appropriate choice for inductor.

4. Selection of quenching parameters: In the process of quenching parameter selection, time for induction heating and cooling should be mastered in real time. Only by controlling the time within standard range can we reasonably control the heating temperature. Too long or too short time will cause product defects. It is easy to see that product hardness is not up to standard, and there is a thicker martensite structure, leading to strength reduction. Quenching time is determined according to specific power. On the contrary, the quenching time will be prolonged with lower specific power

5. Selection of tempering parameter. Tempering temperature of gear in normal state needs to be controlled from 170 to 180 ° c. Due to some extremely small amount of strong carbide forming elements in powder, hinder diffusion of carbon in temper, so that martensite decompose at a slower pace. And improve tempering temperature is most effective way to solve this problem. With increase of tempering temperature, breaking force also increases. Temper at 200℃, not only ensure hardness and strength of gear, but also got more beautiful appearance.

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