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How does micm stimulate the development of automotive lightweight

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Magnesium is the lightest metal elements in nature. Magnesium alloys are usually synthesized with other metals. Due to its high strength and light weight, magnesium alloys have been concerned by the metal materials industry.  Since the 1990s, magnesium alloy has entered a rapid development period and been applied in many industries, such as automobile industry, electronic communication industry, medical equipment and so on. 

China is rich in magnesium resources, ranking second only to the United States in the world, provides a reliable raw material source for the development of magnesium alloy forming. In previous years, the price of magnesium was relatively high, and magnesium and magnesium alloys were more expensive than aluminum and aluminum alloys. In recent years, the production advantage of magnesium alloy parts has been greater than that of aluminum alloy, which has a great advantage in raw material cost

The application proportion of magnesium alloy in automobile industry has been increasing year by year. This is because on the one hand, the density of magnesium alloy is small, and components of same volume are much lighter than those of aluminum alloy or other materials, so as to save energy and reduce oil consumption in automobile operation. On the other hand, magnesium alloy has good vibration and noise reduction performance, and has a high oscillation consumption coefficient, so it can absorb vibration and noise propagation, which is better than aluminum alloy in this respect.

In addition, the improvement of magnesium alloy forming technology is also the basic condition for its wide application in automotive field. Magnesium alloy parts have advanced from liquid forming (casting) and solid forming (die forging) to semi-solid forming. This is magnesium alloy injection molding, which is a process similar to AIM aluminum alloy injection molding

With modern products constantly updated, the market needs to produce a large number of complex shapes of thin wall, shock absorption and noise reduction, high electromagnetic interference barriers and free cutting and other low-density metal parts, to meet today's automotive, electronic communications, notebook computers, tablet computers, digital cameras, cameras, medical prosthetics and other industries to the higher requirements of products. Metal injection molding process has its own advantages that cannot be compared with other processing technology, so it has begun to be paid attention to by some enterprises.

The continuous improvement of magnesium alloy injection molding technology and its application in automobile parts will bring a new revolution for automobile lightweight, which is another new way after aluminum alloy injection molding. In recent years, in order to manufacture magnesium alloy parts with large size and specifications for use as large automobile parts, countries with more developed powder injection molding technology, such as the United States, Germany, Italy and Japan, are vigorously developing large injection molding machines.

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