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Increasing density of stainless steel powder metallurgy

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Stainless steel commonly use smelting process. Because of its difficult cutting,  products have problem with bad accuracy, surface roughness. Thus there are still many technical problems  for stainless steel manufacturing. Compared with the traditional smelting process to produce stainless steel, stainless steel by MIM manufacturing process has near net shape, high accuracy and material utilization, uniform organizational structure, etc.. It have been widely used in machinery, chemicals, shipbuilding, automotive, instrumentation and other industries.


However, the internal porosity of  MIM stainless steel greatly decreased mechanical properties, and corrosion resistance, thus severely limiting its application. Studies have shown that, by MIM manufacturing process, almost all of the properties of stainless steel are improved as the density increases. Therefore, how to increase the density of powder metallurgy stainless steel and reducing its porosity is the key issues of powder metallurgy stainless steel.


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