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Introduction of 8 common metal materials and metal surface treatment process (4)

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Metal surface treatment process

1. Introduction to surface treatment process

Using modern physics, chemistry, metallography and heat treatment and other disciplines to change condition and nature of part surface, make it and core material for optimization combination, in order to achieve predetermined performance requirements of process method, known as surface treatment process.

Functions of surface treatment:

Improve surface corrosion resistance and wear resistance, slow down or eliminate and repair material surface changes and damage;

Make common material obtain surface with special function;

Save energy, reduce cost and improve environment condition.


2. Classification of metal surface treatment processes

It can be divided into four categories: surface modification technology, surface alloying technology, surface conversion film technology and surface coating technology.

Surface modification technology

(1) Surface hardening

Surface hardening is a heat treatment method of hardening surface austenitizing by rapid heating without changing chemical composition of steel and structure of internal.

The main methods of surface quenching are flame quenching and induction heating, commonly used heat sources such as oxygen acetylene or oxygen propane flame.

(2) Laser surface enhancement

Laser surface enhancement is to use focused laser beam to shoot at work piece surface, heat extremely thin surface material of part to temperature above phase transition temperature or melting point in a very short time, and then cool it in a very short time to harden and strengthen work piece surface.

Laser surface strengthening can be divided into laser phase change strengthening treatment, laser surface alloying treatment and laser cladding treatment.

The heat affected area of laser surface enhancement is small, deformation is small, operation is easy, so it is mainly used for parts with local strengthening, such as blanking die, crankshaft, CAM, camshaft, spline shaft, guide rail of precision instrument, high speed steel cutter, gear and cylinder liner of internal combustion engine.

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