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Introduction of 8 common metal materials and metal surface treatment process (5)

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(3) Shot peening

Shot peening is a technology that ejects a large number of high-speed moving projectiles onto surface of parts, just like countless small hammers hitting metal surface to make surface layer and subsurface layer of parts produce certain plastic deformation and realize strengthening.


Improve mechanical strength, wear resistance, fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance of parts.

Used for surface extinction, deoxidation skin;

Eliminate residual stress of casting, forging and welding parts.

(4) Rolling

Rolling is at room temperature with hard roller or roller pressure on surface of rotating work piece, and along direction of bus, to make surface plastic deformation, hardening, in order to obtain accurate, smooth and strengthened surface or specific pattern surface treatment process.

Application: cylinder, cone, plane and other simple shape parts.

(5) Drawing

Drawing refers to metal forced through mold under action of external forces, metal cross sectional area is compressed, and obtain required cross sectional area shape and size of surface treatment method known as metal drawing process.

Drawing can be based on decorative needs, made straight grain, random grain, ripple and spin grain, etc.

(6) Polishing

Polishing is a finishing processing method to modify surface of parts. Generally, it can only get a smooth surface, but cannot improve or even maintain original machining accuracy. With different pre-processing conditions, Ra value after polishing can reach 1. 6 ~ 0. 008 microns.Generally divided into mechanical polishing and chemical polishing

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