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Introduction of 8 common metal materials and metal surface treatment process (7)

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4. Surface coating technology

1. Thermal spraying

Thermal spraying is to heat and melt metal or non-metallic materials and spray them to surface of product by continuously compressed gas, forming a coating firmly combined with substrate and obtaining required physical and chemical properties from surface of product.

Thermal spraying technology can improve wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and insulation of materials.

Applications: aerospace, atomic energy, electronics and other cutting-edge technology, almost all areas.

2. Vacuum plating

Vacuum plating, is a surface treatment process that through distillation or sputtering and other ways deposition of various metals and non-metallic film in metal surface in vacuum condition.

The thin surface coating can be obtained by vacuum plating with advantages of high speed, good adhesion and less contamination.

Principle of vacuum sputtering plating

According to different processes, vacuum plating can be divided into vacuum evaporation, vacuum sputtering plating, vacuum ion plating.

3. Electroplating

Electroplating is an electrochemical and REDOX process. Take nickel plating as an example: metal parts immersed in metal salt (NiSO4) solution as cathode, metal nickel plate as anode, connected to dc power supply will be deposited on metal nickel coating.

Electroplating methods are divided into ordinary electroplating and special electroplating.

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