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Knowledge of powder metallurgy (PM) process and sintering (4)

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4.2 Powder pressing products and applications

In modern automobile, aircraft, construction machinery, instrument, aerospace, military industry, nuclear energy, computer and other industries, many materials with special performance or parts under special working conditions are needed, powder press metallurgy to a large extent promotes solution of these tasks closely related to development of science and technology.

4.2.1 Powder pressing mechanical structure parts

Powder pressing mechanical structural parts, also known as sintered structural parts, are most productive parts and widely used in powder metallurgy industry .

In today's automobile industry, powder pressing is widely used to manufacture parts.60% - 70% of total sintered structural parts are used in automobile industry, such as engine, gearbox, steering gear, starter motor, wiper, shock absorber, car door lock, etc. These are just a few of sintered parts in gearbox. In addition, there are many sintered parts on motorcycles.

In addition, sintered parts are widely used in electric tools, office machinery, sewing machines, bicycles, household appliances, hydraulic components, textile machinery, machine tools, ships and other industries.

4.2.2 Powder pressed bearing materials

(1) Porous oil-bearing materials

It is a kind of porous impregnating lubricant for wear reduction material made by powder pressing, used for bearing, bushing, etc. Commonly used are iron - graphite and bronze - graphite oil bearing materials.

(2) anti-friction metal plastic material

Using these two kinds of bearings can greatly simplify structure or mechanism of machines and instruments and reduce their volume.

4.2.3 Porous material and friction material

(1) Porous materials

Porous material products of powder pressing include filters, heat exchangers, catalysts and some fire-extinguishing devices. Filters are most typical porous material products, mainly used to filter fuel oil, clean air, and filter liquids and gases in chemical industry.

(2) Friction materials

Friction materials are used to make brake pads, clutch discs, etc., for braking and torque transmission. Therefore, requirement of material performance is that friction coefficient should be large, wear resistance; heat resistance and heat conductivity are good.

4.2.4 Cemented carbide

Hard alloy is some refractory metal carbide (such as tungsten carbide, titanium carbide, etc.) and metal binder (such as cobalt, nickel, etc.) mixed, pressed, and sintered into a kind of products. Due to high hardness metal carbide as matrix, soft and tough cobalt or nickel as binder, hard alloy has not only high hardness and wear resistance, but also certain strength and toughness.

There are three types of cemented carbides:

1) Tungsten cobalt (YG)

Tungsten-cobalt carbide has good strength and toughness, which is suitable for cutting brittle materials. Such as cutting cast iron, brittle nonferrous alloy, bakelite.

2) Tungsten cobalt titanium (YT)

Tungsten-cobalt-titanium hard alloy contains titanium carbide, which is harder than tungsten carbide, so it has high hardness and good heat hardness. When processing steel, surface of cutting tool will form a titanium oxide film, so that chip is not easy to adhere, so it is suitable for high toughness steel cutting tools.

3) Tungsten tantalum (YW) mainly consists of tungsten carbide, titanium carbide, tantalum carbide (TaC) and cobalt. It is characterized by high bending strength. There are mainly YWl(84% WC, 6% TiC, 4% TaC, 6% Co) and YW2(82% WC, 6% TiC, 4% TaC, 8% Co). This kind of hard alloy cutting tool is used to process stainless steel, heat resistant steel, high manganese steel and other difficult process materials.  

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