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How Does Metal Injection Molding applied to Medical Industry?

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Metal Injection Molding(MIM) is a cost-efficient, high precision fabrication technology with few followed-up processing, and it’s been widely applied onto medical industry, not only facilitated the development of industry, but also lowered expenses efficiently.


1.Traditional Surgical Machinery

Due to the operation space are narrow, thin, and limited, it requires surgical tools must be made of high strength, to make sure doctors could operate from any angle, and duplicate operation including cut, clip, twist, engrave, whilst it must avoid any tool pieces remain in human bodies. Considering all requirements, MIM technology could competent this work.


2. Minimally Invasive Surgical Instruments

The development of modern medical technology makes use of Minimally Invasive Surgical to reduce wound infection and accelerated healing, which hugely increased patients recovery and reduced surgical risk. That requires tools with very high performance, it also could be heating through electrition, beyond this, it must be able to pass through 5mm diameter holes.


3. Synthetic Joints and Implants

Some people’s bone got damaged in accidents, with the help of different Artificial Joints and Implants, they could support their body or carry weights. Targeted different requirements, we could produce them in scale.


4. Dental Medical Devices

There are various dental medical devices with different uses including file, drill, they also got very complex shapes and high requirement of quality, all those tools could be made by Metal Injection Molding.

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