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Metal Injection Molding To Promote The Industrialization Of Powder Metallurgy Made A Breakthrough

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In  the process of understanding the powder metallurgy technology, we came  into contact with metal powder injection molding process, did not expect  it completely different from the ordinary forming technology, in the  mass manufacture of complex geometry, high performance, high precision  parts must have no difficulty, So as to promote the industrialization of powder metallurgy business to make a breakthrough.

Powder  metallurgy companies in the metal powder injection molding time, in  addition to the need to prepare the appropriate processing of the  corresponding powder, but also need to add more powder in the binder. Therefore, either powder or binder should meet the requirements,  otherwise it will affect the forming of powder metallurgy products.

The  powder should be used ≤ 10um ultrafine spherical powder, and from the  mixture to degreasing, sintering, the process is more complex, demanding  processes, in particular, require longer degreasing and sintering time,  which is also caused by the manufacturing cost of powder metallurgy High main reason. The adhesive wolf must be adequate, otherwise it is difficult to achieve the corresponding performance.

This  powder metallurgy company developed a simplified method is flow  pressure forming technology, which is the temperature and pressure of  metal powder, based on the combination of the advantages of metal powder  injection molding process; and then by adding the right amount of  coarse powder and fine Powder, and increase the amount of thermoplastic lubricant,  thereby greatly improving the mixed powder flowability, filling and  formability.

Since  the mixed powder becomes a viscous fluid with good fluidity during  pressing, it not only has the advantages of a liquid, but also has a  high viscosity and reduces the friction force, so that the pressing  pressure is evenly distributed in the powder, Very good delivery. Because of this, the powder can flow to every corner without  cracks during the pressing process, so that the density is also greatly  improved.

At  present, the powder metallurgy enterprise has already popularized this  technology, and used for precision forming of the workpieces with very  complicated shapes on the conventional tablet press. This not only  overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional cold pressing in forming  complicated geometric shapes, but also avoids the high injection molding  technology cost.

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