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MIM Metal Injection Molding Technology Application

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Medical instruments and surgical supplies

According to statistics, European medical device MIM metal injection molding products account for about 17% of the total MIM products, North America accounts for about 35%, Asia only accounts for 4%, In 2014, the output value of therapeutic devices in China reached 255.6 billion yuan. If MIM technology can be applied on a large scale, output value will be immeasurable. The applications of MIM in medical instruments include scissors, tweezers, orthodontic brackets, internal suture needles, biopsy forceps, surgical tool handles, etc.

Industrial machinery

The application of MIM in industrial equipment is also not to be overlooked. Its market characteristics are large scale but scattered application.MIM in the application of industrial machinery include miniature motor parts, electronic parts, sensors, loose cotton machine, textile machine, sewing machine and other types of machinery small complex parts.

Household and wearable products

A few years ago, MIM was popular in the manufacture of watch cases and chains, especially in southern China. Affected by smart phones, the global watch market grows slowly and gets less attention, but underlying market is still large. The application of MIM in household appliances includes: watch case, watch chain, glasses arm, electric toothbrush, scissors, fan, golf head, simulation jewelry, cutter head and other parts.

Electric hand tool

Power tools also rely on MIM?Metal Injection Molding, considering complex process, high costs and low material utilization by machining. In recent years, it developed a lot of applications, such as milling cutter, cutting tools, fasteners, micro gear, loose cotton machine/textile machine/hemming machine parts.

Smart phones, 3C products

In China, smart phones and 3C products are the largest application areas of Metal Injection Molding. Rapid development of mobile phone, communication and optical fiber industries has brought a huge number of opportunities to metal injection molding industry. Most domestic MIM enterprises mainly manufacture MIM parts for smart phones and 3C products. This industry requires high precision parts, strong durability, commonly like: structural parts, connectors, shaped parts, mobile phone carrier, card slot, such as the oscillator.

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