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Metal Injection Molding Products Applications

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 Mim products applied for a wide range of applications, from ordinary machinery to precision instruments; from the hardware tools to the large-scale machinery; from the electronics industry to the motor manufacturing; from the civilian industry to the military industry; from the general technology to cutting-edge tech, we can all see the Mim-tech applications.


Typical application one - Automobile industry

There are many parts is used of mim components like generator parts, transmission parts, Shock absorber parts. Auto parts mainly came from the process: Raw Materials - Powder - Injection - De-binding - Sintering.

MIM Auto parts


Typical application two - Electronic Industry

There are so many electronic products have to use MIM-tech, ZCMIM is specialized in cellphone parts like SIM card slot, hinges, all kinds of buttons. ZCMIM also had lots of production of headphone components, smart watch assemblys.

MIM Smart Wearable


Typical application three - Household appliances

There are some Household appliances materials and components only made by metal injection molding, like porous self-lubricating bearings in refrigerator, washing machine and fan. More materials and components made by MIM will cost lesser, such as multiple-shaped gears, magnet.

MIM Gear


Typical application four - SLG metal parts

For small leather goods metal parts, like bag hook, zipper slider, complex decorations, mainly take stainless steel 316L as materials, compared with traditional process, MIM tech perform better especially in Complexity Level, Design Tolerance, Thickness, and Tensile Strength.

MIM SLGmetal parts


Other fields

For some high tech field like Aerospace industry, drone manufacturing, there are many components would use MIM technology

MIM Drone

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