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MIM powder injection of polishing and plating knowledge school

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First of all, followed by powder metallurgy factory ZCMIM first take a look, MIM powder injection in the last session, polishing and plating surface treatment is like ...



Another key area is the surface quality of MIM parts molded area. "A release from the cavity area depends largely on the surface quality of the mold cavity and core tool steel, because in compression molding process, the shrinkage rate is very low." Experts said, the contraction "metal moldings and not really happen, unless the binder material molded through the process has been extracted. Therefore, polishing molding area is crucial. in general, molded surface should reach 600 composite finish, it may be necessary in rare cases diamond reached the finish. "



"Such as chromium or nickel plating layer as the high hardness will enhance the stamped metal parts stripping efficiency of the process, combined with high-polished surface, so that it can produce better results." ZCMIM professional operators explained, "Some type chromium and nickel release agent added, its purpose is to improve their release characteristics. "

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