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MIM powder metallurgy injection molding ceramics

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MIM powder metallurgy technology not only has iron base, copper base, stainless steel, alloy, titanium alloy, such as material, there will be a special ceramics, precision can make all kinds of ceramic parts, such as recent fire digital electronic mobile phone industry, many brands of high-end flagship phones using ceramic back cover, porcelain and ceramic watches and some biological treatment, etc., covering cars, home appliances, hardware tools, digital electronics, medical equipment, communication base station, and many other fields. The demand for appearance and precision of ceramic parts in these fields has promoted research and development of ceramic MIM powder metallurgy injection molding.

Key processes and technologies of MIM PM injection ceramics

1. Bonding technology

Binder and ceramic powder compatibility and good shear dispersion, feeding can have very good fluidity, can produce high strength, good dimensional stability of ceramic blank.

2. Injection molding control

The reasonable design and processing of ceramic mold, setting and optimization of injection parameters, exhaust during mold filling, stress of green part body and other key factors will greatly affect the quality of products.

3. De-binding technology

Thermal de-binding, solvent de-binding, catalytic de-binding and other technologies are very efficient and stable de-binding technology.

4. Avoid impurities

In the key technology of ceramic injection molding, there should be no iron or other impurities in the process of refining, injection and de-binding, which will cause pollution and damage to products and affect  appearance and quality.

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