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MIM process has the advantage

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MIM process in the manufacture of parts and components has technical advantages can be formed highly complex structure of structural components


Injection molding technology use jet injection molded product blank , ensure that the material fully fill the mold cavity , thus ensuring the realization of the part of highly complex structures. In the past, traditional processing techniques first made ??and then combined into the individual component elements manner , when using MIM technology can be integrated into a complete consideration of a single part , greatly reducing step , simplifying the machining program .


High MIM and other metal powder injection molding of comparative product size precision , without having to carry out secondary processing or finishing the injection molding process with little direct molding of thin-walled , complex structure, product structure is close to the final product requirements , part size tolerances in general maintained at about ± 0.1- ± 0.3. Particularly important especially difficult to reduce the machining of carbide tooling costs , reduce precious metal processing loss .

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