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Main Factors Affect Metal Injection Molding Process

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You must have been heard of injection molding process, it refers to the melt through the pressure of the colloid state into a certain shape of the cavity and the formation of metal parts. Injection molding process in the field of hardware accessories manufacturing has a more extensive application. In fact, the molding process of accessories is also affected by many factors.

Mold temperature

The lower the mold temperature, the faster the cooling rate, the faster the melt temperature decreases, resulting in increased melt viscosity, increased injection pressure loss, and even insufficient filling.


Barrel temperature

In addition, the correct choice of barrel temperature is related to the plasticized quality of plastics. In this regard, we'd better control the maximum temperature of the nozzle slightly below the maximum temperature of the barrel to prevent the melt in the nozzle mouth cast phenomenon.


Injection speed

In terms of injection speed, it mainly affects the flow behavior of the melt in the cavity. With the increase of the injection speed, the melt flow rate increases, the shear effect of strengthening the melt temperature due to shear heat and increased viscosity decreased, it is conducive to filling. Moreover, the injection speed and the cooling time have a decisive influence on the performance of the product throughout the injection molding cycle.


The above three points is the main factor affecting the injection molding process, we can make system adjustment according to the injection process appears, in order to ensure their own injection process quality.

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