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Metal injection molding The market potential is huge and the development is unstoppable

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Metal injection molding (MIM) technology has been developed for nearly 100 years. It has incomparable advantages in material utilization, shape complexity and near-net size control.

1. Preferred molding process for parts with high cost performance

The tensile strength of metal injection molding parts is between 170~1200MPa. Compared with traditional manufacturing process, it has the following advantages: good hardness, strength and toughness; Capable of producing complex parts or unique shapes that cannot be produced by other process.  It can make full use of ore, tailings and recover waste metal as raw materials. It can realize near net formation and automatic mass production, so as to effectively reduce production resources and energy consumption, to meet consumer demand for quality and cheap products.

2. Metal injection molding parts are widely used to facilitate the development of various industries

Metal injection molding technology has been widely used in automobile, communication, household appliances, engineering machinery, electric tools, and other fields. Because of great superiority in technical and economic, metal injection molding technology will make a rapid development and plays an important role in energy conservation, material saving, performance improvement and labor productivity as well as environmental protection, so as to promote the development of pillar industries and basic industries.

3. With the rapid development of automobile industry, metal injection molding technology helps open up a broad market space of nearly 20 billion yuan.

In recent years, metal injection molding has entered automobile industry. At present, the average consumption of metal injection molding parts per vehicle in China is only about 5kg, far lower than 14kg in Europe and 19.5kg in the United States. However, under the trend of light weight, fuel saving and green process, the usage of metal injection molding parts in China is expected to continue to increase. It is estimated that by 2022, market space of automatic parts in China will reach 14.638 billion yuan by an average of 6kg parts used in a single vehicle. With the addition of parts used in automobile chassis, the market space of metal injection molding automatic parts in China will reach 20 billion yuan. 

The development of Chinese automobile industry not only provides huge market demand for metal injection manufacturing industry, but also puts forward higher requirements for process, technology and quality.

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