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Metal Injection Molding Industry Status in India

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India's metal injection molding products are mainly for overseas. About 95% of metal injection molding parts produced in India are exported. The main components of domestic metal injection molding market in India are defense, automobile, textile and medical devices. Indo-mim pvt. Ltd., the world's largest maker of metal injection molding parts, has one factory in India and one in the U.S. its products account for about 98% of Indian metal injection molding products market. Indo-MIM Pvt. Ltd. 's in-house mold shop can produce more than 60 molds per month, each of which can produce 1 to 32 parts per shoot.

In past five years, India's private metal injection molding company (indo-mim pvt. Ltd) has grown at an average annual rate of 30%. About 400 million pieces of metal injection molding parts were shipped by indo-mim in fiscal 2019. About 92 percent were exported to the United States, Europe and the far east, and 67 percent of sales came from auto and gun parts. Consumer goods were the company's other major source of revenue. Medical devices is small, but growing fastest. Others in India include Bangalore Metal Injection Molding company, JJ orthodontics and MeetuRaj.

In order to meet the production needs, indo-mim began to produce metal powder for metal injection molding process in 2017, using the following technologies: vacuum induction smelting and inert gas atomization. Midhani, a state-owned superalloy manufacturer in India, plans to aerosolize titanium and nickel superalloys for the metal injection molding process by 2020.

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