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Metal Injection Molding in Future Aerospace

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In addition to increasing productivity and improving materials and equipment, the future key task for metal injection molding industry is to continuously improve existing products and develop new applications. Both civilian and military the aerospace industry's demand for metal injection molding components is growing. It is well known that aerospace applications take a long time to develop and certify, but the long product life cycle and high profit margin still make it an area worth developing.

Existing aerospace applications include stator blades, general mechanical components, levers and connectors. Potential applications in the future include injectors and cyclones in combustors, enclosers, etc. Nickel-based alloys such as Hastelloy X, Rene 77 and IN718 are required for high temperature applications are well suited for such parts as metal injection molding provides excellent microstructure.

The cyclone, made of Hastelloy X alloy, is sintered and then subjected to thermal isostatic pressure (HIP) to remove remaining pores. Metal injection molding process can obtain isotropic microstructure without residual stress, and ensure surface roughness is less than 2 nm without secondary processing.

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