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Metal injection molding of titanium and titanium alloys (4)

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Once the feedstock is completed until injection molding, it is the safest state of the whole powder, which can be exposed to air, but during the heating of the injection process, care must be taken not to let the feedstock stay in the barrel for too long. 

Once the injection process of plastic- d feedstock fails and adjusts the machine, it is necessary to set the temperature of the nozzle and the maximum temperature area in 10 minutes and cut off the temperature if not working, so that the feeding temperature is lower than 150℃.

Titanium and titanium alloy billets after injection molding are no different from those of common  l materials and can be placed in air. Titanium and titanium alloy powder coated with binder can effectively block oxygen in the air. After de-binding, whether solvent de-binding or reductive oxalic acid de-binding (strongly oxidized nitric acid de-binding is not recommended), first of all, to ensure that the temperature leaving the furnace should be below 50℃. Celsius to ensure that oxidation does not occur, the de-binded Brown billet is porous, very easy to react with oxygen in the air, please note. The shorter the time of placing the brown billet outside, the better, it will enter the sintering system as soon as possible.

The design of sintered supporting plate and sintering box is very important. Because titanium and titanium alloys have high oxygen affinity, they can even capture oxygen in alumina (Al2O3) at high temperature. Therefore, zirconia plate (ZrO2) is recommended for ceramic bearing plate, but the material of carbonization or nitriding should not be chosen. 

Titanium and titanium alloys also like affinity for carbon and nitrogen elements. In the past sintering experience, the placement of titanium sponge in the sintering box as a sacrificial block of oxygen grabbing is effective but reduces the efficiency of the sintering furnace. It consumes a lot of titanium sponge at a time, occupying space and consuming heat are negative.

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