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Method of realize drafting MIM part with internal reverse structure

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MIM Metal injection molding applied widely now, and available to process more complex structure parts. Different with plastic injection parts, MIM parts’ internal inverted structure cannot be achieved same by plastic injection molding by forcing ejector drafting or slide drafting. Because metal injection molding green part is formed by mixing metal powder with thermoplastic adhesive, MIM part’s strength and flexible is lower than plastic injection parts.

Metal powder injection molding parts are mainly small in size and volume, it is difficult to slide draft; if force to design inclined ejection, green part will be easy to crack.

Metal products are sintered products after removing adhesives from metal powder parts (referred to as de-binding). An ejection scheme of metal injection molding product with complex internal inverted structure is realized as shown below:1.Make a mold for plastic part firstly whose structure is derived from the decomposition of metal injection molding products.

2.Injecting plastic parts with POM material.

3.Fit POM plastic into metal injection molding mold to inject metal part.      

4.Remove plastic part while de-binding.

This method can simplify complex structure product, which is advantageous for MIM to produce more complicated structure parts, and is more conducive to promotion and application of metal injection molding technology.

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