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Mim powder injection molding advantages compared to traditional processing

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Mim powder injection molding

Casting process, although in terms of accuracy and complexity in recent years, its products have improved, but the dimensional accuracy and surface quality is still inferior mim injection molding process; ( mim.html) forging process is an important development, manufacturing production has been applied to the connecting rod. But in general, the cost of life and die forging heat treatment project or a problem, pending further resolved;


Conventional machining method, recently by automation and enhance its processing capacity, there is great progress in the performance and accuracy, but the basic process is still tied up gradually processing (turning, planing, milling, grinding, drilling, polishing, etc. ) to complete the part shape the way. Precision machining method is far superior to other processing methods, but because of low effective utilization of materials, and its shape is limited to the completion of production efficiency is low and the tool equipment, some parts can not be completed by machining and.


Instead, MIM injection molding process can be effectively utilized materials from product shape limit, for a small, manufacturing, MIM process more difficult machining of precision parts in terms of shape, its low cost and high efficiency, with strong competition force. MIM technology is not to compete with traditional processing methods, but to make up for the traditional processing method is technically inadequate or can not make the defect. MIM technology can play to their strengths in the field of traditional processing methods on the part produced.

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