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NMT nano injection molding, hammer can not drop the perfect combination of metal and plastic

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NMT (Nano Molding Technology) is the combination of metal and plastic by nano technology method. The metal surface is first treated with nanometer, plastic injection molding directly on metal surface, can let the metal and plastic forming an organic whole. It can not only give attention to the metal appearance and texture, but also simplify the design of product mechanism, making product lighter, thinner, shorter and smaller, and more cost-effective than CNC.

NMT technology can remove the rust and grease on thin metal surface, and conduct surface treatment through a special solution, so there will be holes in metal material, then put the metal material into mold for injection, resin into the small hole to cure to achieve the purpose of strong bonding. Screw and shell can be formed in one. NMT technology for aluminum-plastic has been expanded to apply to copper and magnesium alloys, etc. In terms of bonding strength, copper has reached the same strength as aluminum materials, while magnesium alloys have 70%.

At present, many mobile phone technology is using this process, such as HTC, HUAWEI, OPPO, VIVO, MEIZU, LENOVO, YIJIA, MI, SAMSUNG, LENOVO, and of course, the simulation of the IPHONE...

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