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New development technology of MIM metal injection molding(1)

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1. Metal micro injection molding (μMIM)

Metal micro injection molding (μMIM) is a molding technology developed by German IFAM Institute organically to preparation of micron-sized parts.

In general, there are two types of products that μMIM can produce:

1) Micron size and few milligrams weight parts;

2)The dimensions of the 2 parts are similar to those of conventional injection-molded parts, but the size of the partial structure reaches micron-sized parts with microstructures.

In recent years, micro-injection molding has become a research hotspot in field of injection molding. With development of modern machinery towards miniaturization, application of micro-injection molding will become more and more extensive.

At present, Karlsruha Research Center has successfully applied μMIM technology to the production of tiny parts for medical devices, such as spectrometers, titration plates, etc. The product has a structural size of micron and a minimum wall thickness of 50 μm.

Below picture shows surgical suture anchor produced by IFAM in Germany using μMIM technology, which is only the size of a match head.

2. Metal co-injection molding

Metal co-injection (Co-MIM) originated in 1990s and is a sandwich-type metal injection molding technology.

The process is injecting two different character materials into a mold for a composite injection molding simultaneously or in batch, which can combine metal materials and complete different materials in same component.

With this method, a core/shell structure with functional and complex shape can be obtained, and no need other processes such as heat treatment, and assembly. It realizes different functional part in one process, which greatly reduces processes and costs.

Co-MIM technology provides a new way of thinking about development and design of functional parts. Li Yimin has used Co-MIM technology to propose a new bio-planting structure, which is widely used in dense cortical bone structure and solid cancellous bone structure.

This structure facilitates interfacial stress transfer between implanted bone and surrounding bone structure. Porosity volume ratio of outer porous is 5% to 60%, and largest pore is 400 μm.

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