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Overview of Powder Injection Molding PIM Binder

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In powder injection molding PIM technology, binders composed of a variety of organic polymers have good melting and flow characteristics at low temperatures (less than 300℃), which is a very important carrier for powder filling mold cavity to form complex shapes. The volume fraction of binder accounts for about 40%~60%, and this part of binder must be completely removed before sintering without producing defects for blank. Therefore, binder designer is the key for PIM technology.

Powder injection molding binder has two basic functions: enhancing fluidity and maintaining shape. Liquidity enhancement is the essential function and the foundation of PIM technology. It gives PIM technology its own unique advantages and characteristics. Metal powders or ceramic powders can fill the cavity with complex shapes under injection pressure, and the pressure gradient decreases during filling, resulting in uniform tissue and isotropic density blank. Furthermore, the uniform shrinkage in sintering process is beneficial to maintain the complex shape of blank and control dimension, so as to produce the parts with complex shape, uniform organization, high precision and little cutting. The function of binder to maintain shape is the basis of PIM process. Good shape conformation can prevent the blank from deformation, angular loss, collapse and other defects during molding. Good shape conformation enables the blank to be removed from mold cavity smoothly and transferred easily, and ensure blank not deform during debinding process.

Through long-term practice, ideal binder requires the following characteristics: (1) low viscosity during injection molding, and low sensitivity to strain rate; (2) low melting point, good fluidity, good curing property, good mechanical strength at room temperature, which can guarantee sufficient embryo body strength;(3) the binder has good wettability, good adhesion, and no chemical interaction with the powder;(4) the binder must be composed of multi-component organic compounds; (5) the components in binder must have good process compatibility, without separation; (6) no water absorption, not volatile, good wettability, high thermal conductivity, small expansion coefficient, short chain length, no crystallization trend; (7) non-toxic and pollution-free in debinding; (8) easy to draft, no residue.

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