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The path to the metal injection lead

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ZCMIM mainly provides sophisticated and high-strength metal injection molding components for consumer electronics sector such as smartphones, wearable devices and the automotive sector, products cover camera bracket, decoration, equipment wear watch case, watch button, auto parts, etc., finally applied to OPPO, VIVO, apple, samsung and other domestic and foreign well-known consumer electronics and automobile brand.

First of all, metal injection molding process barriers are very high, its track is excellent, and the future growth is expected: metal injection molding is a near-net forming process which used metal powder and binder as raw materials and adopts "forming + sintering" method to produce complex parts at a lower cost. metal injection molding process includes a lot of know-how, such as feeding uniformity, injection molding environment, degreasing time, sintering shrinkage control, etc. The process is difficult and it is not easy to mass produce high-quality metal injection molding products.

Metal injection molding is in line with the development trend of precision and high-end of consumer electronics, and has great advantages for metal injection molding complex parts -- nearly net forming, almost no waste, complex parts only need to improve the complexity of mold, and cost can be significantly reduced in mass production. Currently, metal injection molding is being gradually recognized and applied in mobile phone industry. It is foreseeable that more and more parts may be converted to metal injection molding process in the future, and metal injection molding will continue to increase its penetration rate in the mobile phone field and the market scale will continue to grow.

Global smartphones have entered a negative growth cycle since 17Q4. We believe that with the introduction of 5G and fold-screen phones, smartphones will usher in a wave of phone replacement, which is expected to lead the industry back to growth track. In 2018, the global shipments of wearable devices reached 172 million, with a year-on-year growth of 27.5%. The current penetration rate of wearable watches, bracelets and earphones is still relatively low, and there is huge room for future development. Apple is the largest customer of wearable business, and apple is the first in the field of wearable devices in the world, with 46.2 million units shipped in 2018, +39.5 percent year-on-year, and a market share of 26.8 percent.

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