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Powder Injection Molding Mold Design

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Powder injection molding uses organic matter softening at a certain heating temperature to form viscous fluid, thus filling cavity to form. Therefore, the die design is quite different from traditional powder metallurgy die design. Powder injection molding mold design and plastic injection molding mold design, including mold composition, runner, gate design and other aspects have a lot of similarities. However, in the process of powder injection molding, viscous fluid is composed of solid powder and viscous organic matter, and the thermal conductivity and thermal expansion of powder and organic matter are very different, leading to rheological property of injection cavity is very different from that of pure organic matter, so the design of PIM mold is more complex. When designing the size of powder injection molding mold, we should not only consider shrinkage during injection, but also calculate the shrinkage after sintering. In order to ensure that the injection process is easy to form and draft, beautiful product and prevent injection, mold design should not only consider gate and runner size, shape and position, but also consider parting, exhaust and mold cost.

Because there are many conditions that must be met during powder injection mold work, it is recommended that any mold design should be systematically considered. In this system, following questions need to be considered:

(1) mold bearing strength (material selection and critical thickness design according to product size and injection pressure)

(2) dimensional tolerance and geometric structure

(3) appearance and other features

(4) shape and location of gate

(5) exhaust system

(6) parting design

(7) temperature regulation system

(8) characteristics of the injection machine (for example, according to the injection volume of injection machine to determine cavity number)

(9) mold cost (including material selection and processing method) and manufacturing cycle, etc

From problems listed above, we can see that powder injection molding mold design is a relatively complex process, and mastering its design rules can significantly improve work efficiency and reduce subsequent processing. The basic steps of injection mold design are as follows:

(1) green part’s shape and size analysis are the key to determine green part. If cannot meet requirements through PIM technology, the drawing can be modified or solved through subsequent processing

(2) determine the basic structure of cavity, parting and draft selection

(3) determine cavity number and layout

(4) basic form analysis of gate system, and determine gate form and location

(5) temperature regulation system design, determine heating and cooling methods

(6) exhaust mode design

(7) select mold base

(8) processing analysis, optimize structure and processing methods selection

(9) analysis of mold material, processing method and manufacturing cycle

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