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Powder injection molding: revolutionizing manufacturing (1)

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There are many ways to turn loose powder into a complete manufacturing process, and one process that foreign press has dubbed "the revolution in manufacturing" is Powder Injection Molding (PIM). Although many people may not understand potential of this technology, the fact is that powder injection molding is a global industry with over $2 billion in annual sales and strong growth rates.

Powder injection molding, a near-net forming process for producing complex parts at a lower cost, combines powder metallurgy with injection molding processes and is suitable for use in metals and alloys. Ceramic, composite materials and other parts nearly net forming. According to classification of powder, it can be divided into two types: metal injection (MIM) and Ceramic Injection (CIM).

Mixed solid powder with organic binder evenly, and after granulation, injected into shape by injection machine under heating condition, Using chemical or thermal decomposition method to remove organic binder in forming, after sintering to obtain dense products.

Metal injection molding

In 1970s, American scholar Wiech first developed a powder metallurgy process of injection metal powder. which was rapidly developed and successfully industrialized in following decades, and showed a huge cost advantage in preparing metal and metal matrix composite material components. Currently, the research materials include refractory metals, titanium alloys, stainless steel, and inter metallic compounds, among which refractory metals are difficult to be melted and cast due to their high melting point and are usually formed by powder metallurgy, so their applications are limited to parts with simple geometric shapes.

The aerospace sector has been identified as an important potential market for MIM. Although market expansion is a little slow due to lack of basic process understanding and strict verification requirements, the development of major research and development institutions has not stopped. 

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