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Powder injection molding: revolutionizing manufacturing (2)

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Ceramic injection molding

Ceramic injection molding originated from a kind of hot die casting forming technology in 1920s, which has become the fastest developing and most widely used ceramic forming technology in the world.

Compared with traditional dry pressing technology, CIM has following advantages:

(1) High degree of automation in forming process, can mass production ceramic parts with complex shape, high precision size, small size;

(2) Shaped ceramic green part with dense structure, evenly distributed quality, final sintering performance is better than traditional forming products;

(3) CIM is a near net size forming process, products have extremely high accuracy and surface finish, no (or only a little) follow-up processing, greatly reduce production cost, in traditional forming process, cost of late size precision processing accounted about 30% of whole ceramic preparation.

With development of ceramic injection technology, its application range is more and more extensive, such as Swiss ceramic watch case using ceramic injection molding technology production;

 Japan USES ceramic injection molding technology to realize industrialization of zirconia fiber optic joints. 

Ceramic injection molding technology is also used in United States to produce zirconia hair clippers and silica engine parts. In the 1980s, Tsinghua university in China used ceramic injection molding to produce zirconia, alumina, silicon carbide and other precision ceramic products, which are used in the fields of communication, automobile and medicine.

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