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Chi Chuan to create the Japanese customers to see ZCMIM factory

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Yesterday, there was a Japanese customers to ZCMIM watch factory, people is responsible for this piece of technology, their company is Co., Ltd. - Zhi Chuan manufacturing, mainly as a camera flash, in Thailand, Zhuhai and Zhongshan factories, has offices in Hong Kong, its customer base mainly canon, Sony, Nikon and Olympus.


Customers now and talk about the project is Canon new models on the pendant, the customer feedback about our quotation is the price is very cheap, over time is mainly to confirm the accuracy of the product range, engineering and confirmed, there are three important dimensions need to complete CNC, which has a size requirements of precision CNC is unable to achieve, can only advise customers to relax the tolerances.


Others have several more than 10mm size requires customers to enlarge the tolerance; customer feedback is the hope that we can according to the size of CNC and MIM can reach the size of the drawings are marked in the drawings and then offer!

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