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Powder metallurgy products molding production options?

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During mim powder metallurgy products, the molding is a very important step, why do you say? This is because the molding is converted into a powder aggregate having a desired shape of the process, if not molded product certainly can not be used.


Commonly used methods of forming molding, rolling, extrusion, isostatic pressing, sintering loose, slip casting and explosion forming. Here Shenzhen Sijia Yi mim powder injection manufacturers together to talk with you about molding production methods:


That powder molding material in the die pressing. When the pressing temperature typically require from about 1 ton / cm2 or more pressure, pressing pressure is too large, the impact press tool; and sometimes layered body cracks occur, scratches and defects. The maximum pressing pressure of 12-15 t / cm 2. Exceed the ultimate strength, the powder particles from crushing damage.

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