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Powder microinjection molding technology

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In recent years, the development of micro-system technology in various fields is very rapid, at the same time,  it also puts forward higher requirements for manufacturing of three-dimensional micro-complex components used in micro-engineering. 

It is hoped that the micro-devices can achieve large-scale production while having performance required for use. The main components of micro-system include micro-dies, micromechanical structures for sensors and accelerators, biosensors, micro-fluid components, and micro-reactors.

These components complex shape, small volume, existing micro processing technology such as micro cutting, laser cutting, silicon etching technique, etc., production efficiency is low, cannot carry out mass production, and developed in recent years on the basis of powder injection molding of powder injection molding process for the realization of the micro components mass production preparation technology provides the most potential.

Micro powder injection molding technology is a pointer to size less than 1 micron parts on basis of traditional powder injection molding technology developed by a forming technology, main application continuous manufacturing has surface microstructure and micro structure of the parts, basic process steps the same as traditional basic powder injection molding, surface quality of the preparation of parts and porosity by selecting raw powder and suitable for control of the sintering conditions.

Different from traditional powder injection molding, average particle size of powder selected for microinjection molding is generally less than 1~2 microns in order to facilitate manufacture of micro-structures. 

Secondly, due to the increase of specific surface area of powder, a binder with low viscosity but sufficient strength is needed to facilitate micro-injection molding and avoid damage of raw parts during the stripping. 

In addition, in order to prevent formation of deformation, cracks and bubbles, microinjection molding technology is more stringent on de-binding and sintering process conditions.

At present, international research on this technology is mainly carried out in Germany, Japan, Singapore, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Among them, Germany took lead and achieved outstanding results. China's university of science and technology Beijing, central south university and dalian university of technology have also conducted a series of research work in this field. 

For example, university of science and technology Beijing has developed a powder microinjection molding mold with independent intellectual property rights, which is suitable for traditional injection molding machine.

Using carbonyl iron powder and fe-ni alloy powder as raw materials, a miniature gear with a diameter less than 1mm was successfully realized on traditional injection molding machine.

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