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Process Introduction for Aluminium Alloy Injection Moulding AIM

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Aluminum alloy powder injection molding (Aluminium alloy injection moulding, or AIM, is a new type of aluminum alloy forming technology. It is similar to metal powder injection molding (MIM) technology, is the main branch of powder injection molding (PIM) technology, are developed from the injection molding technology, is the world's fastest development and most widely used aluminum alloy parts processing technology.

AIM is to mix powder and binder evenly first, and then granulate the mixed material by granulating machine, and then inject it into mold cavity to complete required shape. The mixed melt has good fluidity after heating, which helps to form the product during injection and maintains uniform density of product. After forming products also need debinding and sintering sintering, some products also need some post-processing.

This advanced technology is suitable for mass production of complex parts of various shapes, including some extremely complex three-dimensional shapes, and products without machining or only a small amount of processing, greatly reducing production costs, and greatly improving work efficiency

Because injection process is well controlled by precise temperature and pressure, so injection part has high precision and uniform density. AIM aluminum alloy injection moulding technology can process extremely complex parts, the smallest can process 0.1g micro small parts. Its products have uniform organization, high precision and smooth surface. And the quality is stable, high production efficiency, suitable for mass production.

Due to its incomparable advantages in precision and working efficiency, aluminum alloy injection molding has been applied to many industries such as navigation, aviation, machinery, automobile and precision instrument. With the continuous development of mechanical industry, AIM has become the fastest developing aluminum alloy processing technology in the world and is favored by more and more industries.


Aluminum alloy powder series and characteristics         Standard

       GB/T 1173

       GB/T 1480

       GB/T 5329

       GB/T 8180   

Powder Particle Size0-20μm, 15-45μm, 15-53μm, 53-105μm, 53-150μm, 105-250μm   
Spherical Degree
Spherical or nearly spherical, microscopic particles Ψ0≥0.85 
Manufacture ProcessVacuum melting mother alloy + vacuum induction pure melting + supersonic atomization + classification + inspection    
Application of 3D Printing SLM laser melting, LMD laser metal deposition, etc      
Other ApplicationsPowder metallurgy (PM),metal injection molding (MIM), thermal isostatic pressure (HIP), spraying (SP), welding repair, etc  

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