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Sand Blasting on Metal Powder Injection Molding Products

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Sand blasting is post process for metal powder injection molding products which can enrich product’s decorative effect. After sandblasting treatment, the metal powder injection molding product’s surface has matte effect, giving a person with stable but elegant advanced sense. They have a metal texture, beautiful appearance, good surface uniformity, no fingerprint, and also can do dumb light combination by covering surfaces that do not require sandblasting.

Sand blasting is a process in which compressed air is used as the power to form a high-speed jet beam to spray the gunite (copper ore, quartz sand, emery sand, iron sand, sea sand) on product surface at a high speed, so as to change the appearance or shape of workpiece and obtain certain cleanliness and different roughness.

Sandblasting is suitable for any shape and color of products, sandblasting materials can be recycled, saving materials, convenient and reliable.

Sandblasting equipment: sandblasting gun, turntable, roller Sandblasting material: corundum sand, silicon carbide sand, glass sand, ceramic sand, etc. 

The fineness and vickers hardness of sandblasting material affects product’s matte effect after sandblasting, so it is necessary to choose suitable sandblasting material.

Sandblasting can remove the rust of product surface, and built a very important basic scheme on product surface (that is, so-called rough surface), achieve different roughness through exchanging different size sandblasting material, greatly improve the binding force between product, coating and plating material. Or bonding parts bonding more solid, better quality.

Sand blasting can clean the burr on surface, and make product surface more even, eliminate the harm of burr, improve the quality. Besides, sandblasting can make a small corner at the junction of product surface, making it more beautiful and more precise. 

Sandblasting parts can produce uniform fine concave and convex surface on the surface of parts (basic schema), so that the lubricating oil is stored, thus improving the lubrication conditions, and reduce noise to improve the service life 

of machinery.

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