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Several common surface treatment processes for MIM parts

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Polishing processing

Make use of mechanical, chemical or electrochemical action to reduce the surface roughness of the workpiece to obtain a bright, flat surface.

Electroplating process

Electroplating is the process of using electrolysis to attach a layer of metal film on product surface. Electroplating can prevent metal oxidation (such as corrosion), improve wear resistance, electrical conductivity, reflectivity, corrosion resistance (copper sulfate, etc.) and improve aesthetics.

PVD processing

PVD is a physical process to transfer atoms or molecules from the source to the surface of substrate. Its role is to make some special (high strength, wear resistance, heat dissipation, corrosion resistance, etc.) particle spraying on the mother, so that the mother has better performance.


It is a process of chemical and electrochemical reaction to form phosphate film. The main purposes of phosphating are:

1) provide protection to the base metal to prevent the metal from being corroded;

2) used as primer before painting to improve adhesion and corrosion resistance of paint film.

Spraying process

It is a surface coating method by means of a spray gun or a dish atomizer, dispersing into uniform and fine droplets by pressure or centrifugal force.

In a word:

1) polishing and phosphating are mainly pretreatment for other post-treatment;

2) electroplating and PVD are two kinds of treatment technologies that are widely used;

3) blackening and spraying will have a greater change on product surface, more suitable for large workpiece.

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