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Shanghai Everbright Powder Metallurgy Exhibition ends - five one happy!

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Five one holiday 3 days, today is the first day of work after the holiday, everybody happy! Is there any other place to play? Small stay at home, go out to play too many people!


Since the Shanghai Everbright Exhibition on Friday after the end of powder metallurgy, entered the holidays, it has not been reported with all ZCMIM powder metallurgy factory exhibition of the results, with good results!


Here is a look at the flow of people and we visit the exhibition exhibition products (for example 2)

Below this is American customers in China have their own subsidiaries, is the razor, the Shanghai is also a look at the MIM industry outlook and some demand products, he with our business left contact, later drawings and style to send us to see see!


The customer is Canada, know before we read our website, mainly make electronic software this piece, to China is to see if there is a prospect of the development of, but and the exchange and communication of business Allshy are comparative satisfied and leave each of the contact.

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