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Sintering method for metal injection molding products

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Metal powder metallurgy is a metal part molding technology using metal powder or mixture of metal powder and other non-metallic powder as raw materials, in which sintering is an indispensable process in powder pressing or metal powder injection molding. Different powder metallurgy processes and materials will use different sintering methods. And different factors will affect metal powder metallurgy products. Different sintering methods vary greatly because different types of metal injection molding products have different properties. According to different raw material composition, sintering methods can be divided into single-component system sintering, multi-component system solid-phase sintering and multi-component liquid phase sintering. Single-component system sintering refers to solid phase sintering of pure metals or compounds at temperatures below melting point. Multi component system solid phase sintering refers to solid phase sintering of materials with two or more compositions at temperature lower than melting point composed of low melting points. According to different charging methods and sintering equipment, sintering methods of metal powder metallurgy products can be divided into continuous sintering and batch sintering. In continuous sintering, continuous sintering furnace will be used. The commonly used charging methods mainly include pushing feed method, drum feed method and ribbon drive feed method. By using continuous sintering method, various processes such as de-waxing, pre-sintering, sintering and cooling can be carried out in same device, this sintering is high efficiency and can mass produce. In batch sintering, multifunctional sintering furnace will be used for preheating, heating and cooling cycles. In addition, it can also determine sintering temperature of some special sintered parts in furnace accurately. According to different sintering temperature, it can be divided into medium temperature sintering and high temperature sintering. According to different sintering atmosphere, it can be divided into air sintering, hydrogen and nitrogen protective sintering and vacuum sintering. In conclusion, sintering methods vary greatly according to different classification criteria.

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