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Swiss customers to visit and cooperate with China ZCMIM factory

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   Today to accompany customers of Swiss watch factory, the customer through Google search MIM supplier to find us, the customer today to see our factory equipment and office environment, satisfied with our factory, mainly asked how to control the number of employees in our factory and work time, mold cost and time, the goods delivery, quality, received the goods after quality problems to solve.


   Ask the guest more search MIM and CNC project, with a lot of samples, consulting MIM we talked several stainless steel materials for the project, has three products are photographed for the 2D drawings. After a day of the three products to offer guests said first orders will be in 2 million to 3 million, after continued to follow, we are requested to help him find a factory of CNC and PVD.


   In addition to the meeting on a new smart watches products, guests hope that we can do a good assembly of finished products to him, part of the MIM to do, and the rest is painted black sheet. Guests on the quality requirements are mainly summarized into two categories:


   1, the size of the requirements of high precision, because a lot of parts to assemble, so the size to be very accurate.

   2,surface treatment is better. The guest of this new product agree with us for a week.

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