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The beauty of precision casting engineering is achieved by metal injection molding technology

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In recent years, due to change of people's life concept, and people's environmental protection awareness is also increasing, lightweight cars are more and more popular, so automotive industry has begun to use a large number of light alloy materials, such as aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy to produce auto parts. With change of downstream industries demand, metal processing industry needs a new processing technology that can avoid component segregation and meet demand of one-time forming of parts with various specific properties.

Metal Injection Molding (MIM) is a new powder metallurgy near-net Molding technology introduced from plastic Injection Molding industry. Based on plastic Injection Molding technology, it breaks original limitation of Metal powder and makes more breakthroughs in shape of products. MIM uses powder metallurgy to produce compact mechanical parts with good mechanical properties and surface quality.

MIM technology, as a kind of near-net forming technology for manufacturing high quality precision parts, has incomparable advantages compared with conventional powder metallurgy, machining and precision casting methods.

The first is that most important structure is not limited. MIM technology can directly shape complex metal parts like plastic, and structure is not limited. Plastic shapes can be formed through MIM can be achieved; Design holes, grooves, indentations and depressions, design threads, knurling, printing, marking, etc. And product quality accuracy is higher, product size accuracy can reach +/-0.1~0.5%, general precision requirements of product can be directly produced to ensure, some parts of size precision requirements can also be further improved by additional machining.

In addition to precision machining, physical properties of products are also reliable, product organization is uniform, good density, density can reach theoretical density of 95-99%; Surface finish of product is good, and process can directly reach Ra1.6. It can also be used for ordinary polishing and mirror polishing when necessary, Carburizing, quenching, tempering and other heat treatment can be carried out according to need of use; Surface can also be electrophoresis, electroplating (nickel, hard chromium, gold, silver, etc.), vacuum coating and other surface treatment.

In selective material stainless steel, soft magnetic alloy, iron, nickel material, tungsten alloy, hard alloy, tool steel, such as special purpose alloy are applicable MIM process, and in keeping precision machining of mass continuous production, at the same time can also for larger batch request product highlights technology advantage, and complicated structure parts in large quantities, under condition of mass production, can greatly reduce cost, reduce burden of production.

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