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The difference between Metal injection molding and Ceramic Injection molding

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Powder injection molding is divided into two types, one is Ceramic Injection Molding (CIM) and the other is Metal Injection Molding (MIM). Today's ceramic powder injection molding (CIM) is a branch of modern powder injection molding (PIM) technology, with many special technical and technological advantages: the first can be quickly and automatically mass-produced, and its process can be carried out Precise control. Second, due to flow die, the density of green part is uniform. Third, due to high pressure injection, the powder content in mixture is greatly increased.

Nowadays, characteristics of metal injection molding (MIM) are that cost of mold will be relatively high, especially for large-volume production, mold also needs to be made of high-hard and wear-resistant materials, material cost is relatively high; cost of ingredients is high, there are many technological steps and the process requirement is high; it is mainly applied to products with complex shapes, precise requirements, and other methods that are difficult to do or even impossible to do.

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