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The features of Metal injection molding

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Like plastic injection molding, Metal injection molding has no restrictions on shape design. Because MIM is a molding process so additional product features do not add to cost, that making MIM be an ideal way to combine individual components into a multifunctional product. Metal injection molding design rules are very similar to plastic injection molding and can be applied to almost any product.


The reference design for MIM forming tolerance is usually +/-0.5% of size. Some shaping part can reach +/-0.3%. Higher accuracy requirement with higher cost as other technologies, so moderate tolerance requirements are encouraged when quality permits. Tolerances that cannot be achieved by a single molding of MIM can be achieved by surface treatment.

Weight and size

Metal injection molding is especially suitable for parts weighing less than 100g, and less than 50g is the most economical. However, parts weighing up to 250 grams can also be processed. Main cost of MIM process is raw materials, so MIM using new technology to reduce the weight of parts as much as possible. Like plastic products, weight of components can be reduced by means of core and bracket without compromising integrity of the product. MIM excels in extremely small and micro components, and it is possible to produce which weigh less than 0.1 g. Weight is not a limiting factor, and products longer than 250mm can be achieved also.


Wall thickness of less than 6 mm is most suitable for Metal injection molding. Thicker outer walls are also acceptable, but costs can increase due to longer processing times and the addition of additional materials. In addition, extremely thin wall less than 0.5mm can also be achieved for MIM, but it has higher requirement for design.

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