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The importance of PVD plating solution for high yield of stainless steel

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In order to adapt to a variety of application environment, the most common method is to plating zinc, chromium, nickel, titanium and other kinds of coating on stainless steel surface. The functional coating combined with the hardness characteristics of stainless steel makes stainless steel materials break through the limitations of original application range, widely used in electronic equipment.

There are many ways of stainless steel coating, such as electroplating, PVD, but these coating methods have an important premise is that there are certain requirements for stainless steel surface plating, such as cleaning degree of cleanliness, surface activation.

If processing or cleaning before plating did not meet the requirements and other reasons such as peeling, fall off and other undesirable phenomena, then the coating of stainless steel needs to be returned after a new coating treatment. Because of different coating, coating thickness is not the same in the process of deplate, it need to adjust the bath to achieve best plating effect.

The most common problem in deplating process is stainless steel substrate corrosion, and deplating is not complete. Main reason for these problems is that the deplating bath performance is poor, and corrosion ability of stainless steel substrate is not strong enough, and also close to activation effect, deplating bath active components, acid and alkali deplating environment.

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