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The properties of cemented carbide powder metallurgy materials

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Hard alloy is one kind or several kinds of refractory carbide powder as the main ingredient, adding cobalt powder bonding, prepared by powder metallurgy materials. The commonly used hard alloy according to the composition and performance characteristics: tungsten cobalt, tungsten cobalt titanium, tungsten titanium tantalum (NB) class.


(1) the performance of hard alloy

High hardness, hardness of up to 69-81HRC at room temperature. Hot hardness is high, up to 900-1000 DEG C. Good wear resistance, the cutting speed is 4-7 times higher than 5-80 times of high speed tool steel, tool life, hard material cutting around 50HRC. High compressive strength, but low flexural strength, poor toughness. The corrosion resistance and good oxidation resistance. Linear expansion coefficient is small, but poor thermal conductivity.


A general method for machining hard alloy material can not only use electric processing (e.g., EDM, wire cutting, grinding or electrolytic grinding etc.). Therefore, the general is the hard alloy products, brazing bonding or mechanical clamping using the knife body or the mold.

(2) classification and grouping code of hard alloy cutting


In accordance with the provisions of the GB2075-87, cutting with hard alloy according to the chip removal is a form and processing object range is divided into three categories of P, m, K, according to the different processing materials and suitable processing conditions, all kinds of hard alloy by use of grouping, the code in the main class don't code behind with a group of figures by, such as P01, M10, K20 and.

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