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Today's Metal Injection Molding MIM industry

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Today, global sales of MIM parts are estimated at about $2.5 billion a year, with annual growth rates that vary by region, but typically range from 10 to 20 percent. The story of manufacturing moving east is also happening in the MIM industry, where more than 50 per cent of parts are now made in Asia, with the rest divided mainly equally between the America and Europe.

Since BASF's original patent lapsed, the market for "Catamold alternatives" has exploded. There are now a number of alternative suppliers for both feeding and binder technology. MIM manufacturers can produce their own feed, or purchase it from external suppliers, or both.

MIM technology has many types of binder systems, among which water-soluble binder systems are becoming more and more popular due to their low impact on the environment. With the development of binder, the fluidity of feeding material has been improved, strength of green part is higher, and more complex shapes can be formed. Combined with complex hot runner systems, mold temperature control systems, and injection molding simulation software to optimize part design and mold development, some previously unimaginable product designs can now be manufactured using MIM processes.

In metal powder supply aspect, due to the common requirements of additive manufacturing (3D printing) and MIM raw material characteristics, the rapid development of additive manufacturing technology in recent years has promoted the significant growth in the number of metal powder manufacturers. The rise of mim-like additive manufacturing processes such as binder injection and fused filament manufacturing (FFF) is expected to bring more players into the powder raw material manufacturing market and have a negative impact on powder raw material prices.

According to a report released by PIM International in March 2019, mass produced MIM products are counted according to the type, their typical characteristics are: annual demand of more than 200,000 pieces, wall thickness of 1-3 mm, average weight of 10 grams or less. The report also stressed that average weight of a typical MIM component, measured by actual number of parts produced, is 6 grams, which is mainly affected by the large number of smartphone parts produced ( average unit weight is small).

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