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Top 6 Metal Injection Molding Defects and Solutions about Debinding

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In the injection molding debinding process, there are great chance to meet some common issues, below we list top 6 issues we might meet, and solutions to help you better on metal parts manufacturing.

Defect 1: Fluff

Causes and solutions:

A. POM split too fast, usually only need to reduce the temperature, reduce the amount of acid and increase the debinding time;

B. Feeding paraffin too many ingredients, with this problem need to replace the raw materials;

C. Mold, need to modify the mold structure;

D. Injection temperature is too high, need to reduce the temperature.


Defect 2: Cracked or broken

To check for the following four reasons whether there is a defect

A. The placement of the workpiece, if any questions please put correctly;

B. Same as the POM split too fast, the solution is the same as above;

C. Shock, if found to have vibration to find the source of vibration and solve;

D. Workpiece density and weight are not up to standard, need to change the injection process.


Defect 3: Uneven debinding in the furnace

Causes and solutions:

A. The way the product is placed, need to adjust

B. B. Check the furnace temperature difference, need to test the temperature

C. There are dead ends in the furnace, need to improve the circulating air speed


Defect 4: Color change

Causes and solutions:

A. The temperature is too high to reduce the temperature

B. Nitrogen flow is insufficient, need to increase the flow

C. Feed the wax content is high, need to adjust the feed


Defect 5: Incomplete debinding

Causes and solutions:

A. Process setting, need to change the process

B. Debinding time is short, need to lengthen the debinding time

C. Nitric acid concentration is low, need to check and replacement


Defect 6: Debinding layered

Causes and solutions:

A. Debinding temperature is too high, need to reduce the debinding temperature

B. Debinding rate is not enough, need to increase the amount of acid entering

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