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Vacuum heat treatment technology (1)

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Present situation of vacuum heat treatment technology

1. Vacuum heat treatment technology

In 1970s and 1980s, vacuum heat treatment furnace which was mainly used for oil and gas quenching was developed. After that, various devices and equipment entered stage of rapid development, with more types of equipment and more applications.

With continuous progress of related technologies, not only vacuum heat treatment equipment has made great progress, but also related supporting facilities have made great progress.

At present our country has been able to produce various kinds of vacuum pump, vacuum valve, vacuum measuring instruments, etc., and even can independent produce some used to unable to realize complete set of products, such as furnace using thermal insulation layer made of metal and graphite material and heating elements etc.), and its performance and quality are close to or has reached level of similar foreign products. For example on defects of resistance to heat shock, cold and heat alternation of single chamber vacuum high-pressure gas quenching furnace domestic furnace bile material, according to actual situation in China specially developed a double chamber vacuum high-pressure gas quenching furnace, which not only greatly improve efficiency of vacuum gas quenching, but also saves energy effectively, and greatly prolong lifespan of equipment.

2. Vacuum carburizing and carbonitriding technology

In recent years, technology of vacuum carburizing and carbonitriding has developed rapidly. This technology has advantages of energy saving, solar term, high carburizing efficiency, simple operation, safety and environmental protection, etc.

However, at same time, it should be noted that problems of carbon black damage insulation and poor uniformity of infiltration layer effects improvement of application level of this technology to a large extent.

With long-term efforts of domestic vacuum heat treatment workers, low pressure vacuum carburizing technology has made a great breakthrough, and has been able to better solve above defects. Breakthrough of low pressure vacuum carburizing technology can not only effectively reduce carbon black after carburizing, but also has good uniformity of layer of carburizing, thus effectively improving problems existing in previous application process.

In addition, domestic researchers have made great progress in technology of vacuum carbon and nitrogen synosmosis. Application of vacuum carbon and nitrogen technology not only greatly expands range of materials that can be processed, but also effectively reduces deformation of materials, which greatly improves quality and performance of products. At present, there are various types of heat treatment equipment with function of vacuum carbon and nitrogen co-osmosis on market, and it has achieved good results in heat treatment field of parts.

3. Vacuum hydrogen composite purification heat treatment technology

With development of vacuum heat treatment technology and related equipment, a number of new technologies have been developed in recent years, which in turn promote application of vacuum heat treatment in more fields. Among them, vacuum hydrogen compound purification is leader of these new technologies. It breaks previous limitation that hydrogen furnace is easy to be affected by various external environmental, and also greatly improves safety of use.

In field of civil market, research and application of this technology have promoted progress of diamond manufacturing technology in China. In field of military industry, this technology has played an important role in heat treatment of soft magnetic alloy and electrical pure iron. By adopting this technology, magnetic properties of products have been significantly improved, while coercibility of products has been significantly reduced.

4. Vacuum magnetic field heat treatment technology

In addition to above introduction to technology, the combination of electromagnetic technology and vacuum heat treatment technology and birth of vacuum magnetic heat treatment technology is also an important branch of the field, through application of this technology, both can enhance mechanical properties of structural materials, but also can improve magnetic properties of magnetic material.

In a word, China's vacuum heat treatment technology has experienced various stages of development from introduction to digestion and absorption, and in recent years has entered stage of independent research and development. In recent years, China's vacuum heat treatment technology has developed rapidly, technology level is becoming mature, a variety of self-produced equipment in performance and quality has made a huge breakthrough, has been fully able to meet application needs of related fields.

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