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Vacuum heat treatment technology (2)

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Advantages of vacuum heat treatment technology

Vacuum heat treatment technology has been used in various mold steel, stainless steel, bearing steel, carbon steel, hard alloy, alloy steel and high alloy steel and other important parts of vacuum heat treatment and vacuum chemical heat treatment, because vacuum heat treatment has many advantages:

1. Can achieve bright quenching

The part is heated under atmospheric pressure without contact with air and no oxidation occurs on surface. When vacuum degree in furnace reaches 1 ~ 10-1pa, part surface realize no decarburization and carburizing, thus achieve purpose of bright quenching.

2. It has degassing effect

When vacuum degree is lower than corresponding decomposition pressure of metal or alloy, the oxide will decompose, form free oxygen and be discharged out of vacuum furnace immediately, so that quality of part can be improved.

Because green part of iron and steel parts will inhale a very small amount of hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon monoxide and other gases in atmosphere during smelting, thus generating tiny pores, easy to cause hydrogen embrittlement and other defects, Hard alloy also enters air when pressed, residual gas of part can be removed by vacuum technology. 

Vacuum furnace is widely used in small and medium-sized enterprises and professional tooling factories, especially in private enterprises, using vacuum furnace ratio in cutting tools, tooling , power tools and other part quenching is also gradually increasing.

3. Can reduce machining allowance after heat treatment

Vacuum heat treatment is widely used for vacuum quenching and vacuum carburizing of oil pump nozzle coupling parts because of no oxidation decarburization phenomenon, with little distortion and clean and bright, which can avoid appearance of black structure (decarburization) on surface of couple parts due to dirty cleaning of residual salt in salt bath furnace or appearance of black structure (decarburization) on surface caused by protective atmosphere.

For needle body of carburizing carbon steel, required 0.5 ~ 0.9mm carburizing layer can be guaranteed by vacuum carburizing, but it is difficult to be guaranteed by controllable atmosphere furnace carburizing. For precision hydraulic components such as plunger pump, vacuum quenching can reduce distortion, improve wear resistance and ensure quality of part. Vacuum technology has been applied to quench oil pump nozzles and plunger pump hydraulic parts for decades and has been widely recognized in improving product quality.

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