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Vacuum heat treatment technology (3)

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4. Cleaning technology

Vacuum heat treatment is a clean heat treatment process, it occupies an important position in whole heat treatment process, can improve product quality, change face of heat treatment workshop, improve operating environment, is a technology worth popularizing and applying.

5. Advantages of vacuum carburizing

Vacuum carburizing part quality is better than controlled atmosphere furnace carburizing products. and to control carburizing of deformation hardening gears, it should be correcting while quenching after carburizing in a controlled atmosphere furnace, it sometimes cannot meet technical requirements, and carburized layer permeability layer and uniformity of carbon concentration distribution is difficult to guarantee, often appear oxidation phenomenon, cause appearance of a black martensite organization. sometimes productivity also be affected, so for high quality requirements of motorcycle, automobile gear reducer, automobile engine parts, such as in small and medium-sized carburizing gear and gear shaft and other artifacts, low pressure vacuum carburizing and high pressure gas quenching technology can be used. It has been gradually applied in China.

Development prospect of vacuum heat treatment technology

In future, energy efficiency of heat treatment process should be increased more than 80%, and closed-loop intelligent control system will be used in production. In heat treatment production of all kinds of products, proportion of vacuum heat treatment will increase year by year in future and develop into a major production mode.

The gap between China and world in development of vacuum heat treatment technology and equipment is getting smaller and smaller. In future, development of vacuum heat treatment technology in China should be able to fully meet application needs of various industrial production fields, and independent innovation should be carried out in some key technical fields based on China's actual situation. These technical fields mainly include:

1. Automatic vacuum heat treatment production line including various application requirements;

2. Intelligent control system for vacuum heat treatment to meet various application requirements;

3. Vacuum isothermal heat treatment technology and equipment;

4. Vacuum induction heating technology and equipment;

5. Vacuum de-binding cleaning technology and equipment;

6. Vacuum ion implantation, vacuum ion coating technology and equipment;

7. Driven by CAD/CAE/CAM technology, optimization of vacuum heat treatment process and optimization design of related equipment structure will achieve further development.

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